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This data privacy security declaration applies specifically and exclusively to VINIHOLD services.
The Internet is an amazing instrument of communication. Day by day we realize its usage in our day life, as with one click the world at our feet. It brings people closer and the experiences spread faster. Nowadays, the society’s evolution

Internet is an amazing communication instrument. Its growing importance becomes more obvious to us every day. With a simple mouse click you have the whole world at your feet. People come together, the experiences spread faster. Nowadays society's evolution is galloping.

Because of all this reasons and so everyone trust even more on this way of communication, it is important for VINIHOLD that all users of its services and visitors of its web pages have guarantees on the confidentiality of their data.

When we ask for your name, address, telephone, qualifications, among other things, we have as a goal keeping a closer relationship with our users. With your register, we began to treat you by your own name, becoming closer and we can reply to your needs or requests with more efficiency.

If, for any reason, VINIHOLD feels the need to update its privacy policy, you will be the first to know.

VINIHOLD assures you that this information shall not be used with any promotional purposes either by mail, e-mail or telephone contact nor will it be used by any other organization or company. VINIHOLD compromises to protect your privacy and will do a great effort to guarantee the use of a technology increasingly efficient in order to make your on-line experience safer each day and straighten your relationship with the Web.

If you have any question related to this compromise, do not hesitate to contact.


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