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Portugal is a small country in South-western Europe. Apart from continental Portugal, the Portuguese Republic holds sovereignty over the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores, which is the westernmost of Europe, and Madeira, which are autonomous regions of Portugal.

It is a country of small dimension (92 072 km²), bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and by Spain, the other country that is part of Iberian Peninsula.
Portugal has been influenced by the Mediterranean Culture, mainly in Gastronomy.

Portugal – Old World’s Traditional Wine Producer

The Portuguese wines are fruit of centuries of traditions and knowledge that were brought by different civilizations that came across Portuguese territory.
The wine export has begun in the period of Roman Empire, shipping Portuguese wine to Rome. Later, after Methuen Treaty in 1703 is signed between Portugal and England, the export developed the trade with United Kingdom.

Since Portugal has the oldest system of appellation in the world as it became the 1st region Demarcated and recognized worldwide. Recently, The Alto Douro (Upper Douro) Winemaking Region was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, as well Vineyard Landscape and Culture of Pico Island in Azores.

Portugal becomes a reference among the main winemaking countries due to its quality, character and fineness wines produced in different regions.

The Portuguese wines are classified as follows:

D.O. – Denominação de Origem - Appelation of Origin
VQPRD – Vinho de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada – Quality Wines Produced in Specified Region
- It exists classifications for Spirits and Sparkling Wines:
    - VLQPRD – Vinho Licoroso de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada - Quality Spirit Wines Produced in Specified Region
    - VEQPRD – Vinho Espumante de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada – Quality Sparkling Wines Produced in Specified Region
    - VFQPRD – Vinho Frisante de Qualidade Produzido em Região Demarcada – Quality Semi-Sparkling Wines Produced in Specified Region 

- Under this classification are:
    - DOC – Denominação de Origem Controlada – Appelation of Controlled Origin
    - IPR – Indicação de Proveniência Regulamentada

Regional Wine

Table Wine


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